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Extending Your Teeth Whitening Results Mt. Pleasant  , SC
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Teeth whitening is the most sought-after treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Not only is the procedure affordable and painless, but professional-grade systems can dramatically improve your smile appearance in less than one hour. Teeth whitening, however, is not a permanent solution like other cosmetic dental treatments. Therefore, it becomes important to understand how you can prolong your results and maximize your teeth whitening investment.

Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment

While teeth whitening is affordable compared to other cosmetic dental services, it still requires an upfront cost. The last thing you’ll want to do when you leave the office is ruin your new brilliant smile. When it comes to protecting your professional teeth whitening results, the first 48 hours after the treatment is critical. It is important to avoid certain foods and drinks during this time, including the following:

  • Tea and coffee
  • Sodas
  • Dark-coloured sauces (red pasta sauce, soy sauce, barbecue sauce)
  • Fruit juice
  • Dark chocolate
  • Acidic food (lemons and oranges weaken tooth enamel)

As a general rule, if the food or drink would stain a white shirt, stay away from it for the first two days after your whitening treatment. If you must indulge in a coffee or cola, use a straw!

Consider Touch-Ups

The timeframe of your whitening results will vary depending on what product you’ve used as well as your diet and lifestyle. However, proper daily oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings will help to keep your teeth free of external stains. In addition, ask your dentist about touch-up whitening treatments to help you maintain your bright smile.

At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer one of the most advanced in-office teeth whitening treatments available. Call today to learn how you can take years off your appearance by erasing stubborn tooth stains.

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