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Tooth Extractions Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Your oral health is a top priority at Rivers + West Family Dentistry, and preserving your natural teeth is an important part of that. Occasionally, maintaining your highest level of oral health means extracting a tooth that is causing problems that cannot be remedied otherwise. This is always a last resort, but sometimes necessary.

Learning that your tooth needs to be removed may sound like a painful procedure; however, at Rivers + West Family Dentistry, we strive to make every extraction free of discomfort as much as possible. We make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before starting the procedure. We thoroughly explain the steps of the process and tell you what you are likely to experience during the procedure.

Extractions are straightforward procedures for the most part. Patients rarely feel pain, although they will feel pressure as the tooth is elevated and removed from the socket. Most extractions only take a few minutes, barring any complications. Anterior teeth are easiest to remove because they have one root. Molars can be more involved since they usually have three and sometimes four roots.

Damaged Tooth Removal

Removing a tooth is the last option here at Rivers + West Family Dentistry. When a tooth is beyond saving and root canal therapy is out of the question, an extraction is the only reasonable option. Dental decay is the most common reason for tooth extraction. When healthy tooth structure no longer exists and there is not enough structure for restoration, the tooth needs to be removed.

A tooth that is cracked or broken below the gum line is also considered unsalvageable. This type of severe damage is also cause for removal. Advanced gum disease in which the bone has become severely weakened and no longer supports the tooth is another cause for extraction.

Tooth extraction is considered minor surgery and should be treated as such. The instructions your dentist gives you should be followed, and any medications prescribed should be taken as instructed for the duration advised. Following your dentist’s instructions is the best way to prevent complications in healing. If you have questions regarding your tooth extraction, be sure to let us know.