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Dental Bridges Mt. Pleasant  , SC

When you lose a tooth, it leaves an unsightly gap. Gaps in the front have a huge impact on the appearance of your smile. Gaps in the back can affect your ability to chew your food properly. Whether in front or back, losing a tooth causes problems. These problems can be eliminated with a dental bridge.

A bridge is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is a fixed dental prosthesis that closes the gap caused by missing teeth. The dental bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth suspended between two crowns. The crowns are seated on each tooth adjacent to the gap. The dental bridge looks natural and is a nice alternative to partial dentures. It is nonremovable and will not become dislodged when you speak or eat.

Restored Function

In addition to aesthetics and loss of function, the gap created by the missing tooth can lead to a cascade of problems if it is not remedied. A missing tooth in the front can cause you to become self-conscious. Many people become less socially active due to embarrassment about the way they look. It is not uncommon for individuals to begin to hide their smile or stop smiling altogether.

When one or more molars are missing, you lose chewing surface. This can make it more difficult for you to chew your food properly, and tough foods, like meat, do not get broken down sufficiently. This can make swallowing difficult and interfere with proper digestion where you are unable to absorb all the nutrients the food has to offer.

The teeth adjacent to the gap will gradually move out of alignment. They may torque out of position, lean into the open space and create small gaps between other teeth as they move out of position. These small gaps turn into hard-to-clean food traps. Plaque can build up and lead to gingivitis.

A dental bridge can restore both appearance and function. This improves your look, how you feel about yourself and improves your oral health. Avoid the problems created by missing teeth. Contact Rivers + West Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment to find out more about dental bridges.