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Wisdom Teeth Removal Mt. Pleasant  , SC

The last teeth to erupt are the wisdom teeth, so called because they appear during the dawn of adulthood. Wisdom teeth often make their appearance causing plenty of pain and discomfort in the process. They usually erupt during the later teen years or early twenties. While many people experience problems with these teeth, there are some individuals who have no problems with them at all. Most people are not that fortunate.

Wisdom teeth are known for developing all types of problems. They can come in sideways, push up against adjacent teeth, erupt partially leaving a flap of gum which can be irritating or painful and provide a place for decay to develop. Wisdom teeth are notorious for being impacted. They often do not have enough room to erupt without problems, and sometimes they do not develop normally.

When problems are detected early, these last molars can be removed before causing too much pain or discomfort. Regular dental checkups and annual diagnostic images provide your dentist with the information needed to monitor the development of wayward wisdom teeth. This is so they can be removed at the right time.

Care of the Extraction Site

Wisdom teeth must be carefully removed. The roots are usually located near the mandibular nerve. Safe removal requires skill and precision. This procedure is considered minor surgery, and proper home care is necessary to prevent complications from developing after the extraction.

Your dentist will give you instructions on how to care for the extraction site. Rest and relaxation for a day or so after the procedure is an important part of recovery. Bleeding is normal for several hours after extraction. You will be asked to bite on gauze and will need to change it as needed. Keeping your head elevated will help slow the bleeding. You can use icepacks to help manage swelling and pain. Your dentist may also prescribe pain medication. Follow the directions provided. This will help with proper healing and prevent painful complications such as dry socket from developing.

If you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed, contact Rivers + West Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment. You will receive excellent, compassionate and gentle care from our dental team.