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Chipped Tooth Repair Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Permanent teeth are meant to be just that – permanent. However, though they are strong and durable, teeth can chip, crack or break under the right circumstances. A small chip off a tooth may not present much of a problem, other than aesthetics. If your dental hygiene is excellent and you make regular visits to the dentist, there may not be anything to worry about. Still, repairing the damage will help minimize the chances of decay in that area, and the process is simple.

A chipped tooth can be restored easily with bonding. Composite resin is bonded onto the tooth, filling out the space left by the chip. In some instances, if the part of the tooth that has been broken off is still intact, your dentist may be able to use a bonding agent to adhere the piece back onto the tooth.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Bonding agents and composite are also used to restore cracked or broken teeth. If a tooth is cracked and salvageable, the bonding agent may be used to bond the parts together again. If a crack extends below the gum line or involves the pulp of the tooth, more extensive dental work may be required.

When a tooth is broken, composite resin can be used to build up the broken part and restore the tooth to its natural appearance. If the break extends below the gum line or involves the pulp, your dentist will discuss the viability of the tooth with you.

Early diagnosis and treatment of a damaged tooth increases the opportunities for saving it. Treatment in the earliest stages avoids the problems that can develop when damage is ignored. A cracked or broken tooth needs to be thoroughly examined to determine if the pulp is involved.

Some minor damage can be repaired by simple bonding. Other repairs may require composite filling or buildup of the tooth structure. Extensive breakage could require extraction or root canal treatment if the tooth can be saved.

The dentists at Rivers + West Family Dentistry will determine the most effective treatment to restore your damaged tooth’s health and appearance. If you or a family member have a tooth that is chipped, cracked or broken, contact us today, and schedule your appointment. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to keep your teeth healthy.