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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Acute pain from a toothache is in a category all by itself. Though there are many theories on why people experience tooth pain so intensely, none of them matter when you are consumed by the pain. The only thing that matters is getting the pain to go away. Rivers + West Family Dentistry is committed to relieving your pain and restoring your oral health.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance level. Some individuals can endure significant pain, while others can barely withstand mild discomfort. Depending on your tolerance level, your tooth pain may stem from a simple problem, like a popcorn hull caught between the gum and the tooth, or it could be caused by serious infection from a decayed tooth. We will diagnose the cause and treat the problem in the most appropriate manner.

Ignoring tooth pain is nearly impossible to do, and it is not advisable. Pain is an indication of a problem, and severe pain may indicate a serious problem. An infected tooth can become abscessed and turn into a life-threatening situation. It is very important to have your tooth examined, especially if there is swelling.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain also has various causes. It can be the result of overuse of the jaw muscle or stress created by clenching or grinding your teeth. It could be caused by an infected tooth or arthritis in the jaw muscle. Inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joint can also cause discomfort. Proper diagnosis and treatment can ease your pain.

Pain from your jaw or a tooth can be alleviated with the correct treatment. Rivers + West Family Dentistry offers emergency dental care for patients experiencing severe tooth or jaw pain. Relief from your pain is only a phone call away. Examination of the affected tooth and diagnostic imaging will reveal the extent of the problem. Your dentist will consult with you and explain your options for addressing the issue.

Make an appointment with Rivers + West Family Dentistry to find the source of your pain, and get the needed care to eliminate it.