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Dental Phobia Mt. Pleasant  , SC

There are all types of phobias in the world, and one of the most common is the fear of going to the dentist. A certain amount of anxiety is normal when faced with a trip to the dentist. However, some individuals experience extreme trepidation when a visit to the dentist is on the agenda. We understand the range of anxiety patients experience. At Rivers + West Family Dentistry, we work with you to alleviate your discomfort and provide a calm and relaxing visit.

Dentistry with compassion and patience is an important part of our work here. We create a calming and welcoming atmosphere in the office which is conducive to relaxing and feeling at ease. Our friendly, gentle chairside manner also helps patients feel calm and safe.

Creating an Understanding Environment

It is easy to feel misunderstood when you have a fear that is far beyond normal expectations. Dental phobias can be generated by traumatic experiences in a dental office or from listening to others discuss their traumatic experiences. Some dental phobias have unknown roots, but they still exist.

At Rivers + West Family Dentistry, we work to find the key to making your visit with us as stress-free as possible. We begin by listening to your concerns and taking into consideration those things that cause your discomfort. We suggest options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Patience and understanding are in abundance at Rivers + West Family Dentistry. We do not rush our patients, nor do we make them feel bad about having fears about the dentist. We do provide suggestions on how to manage your fear and work through it. Your oral health is important, and you do not want to let unfounded fears prevent you from getting the dental care you need.

You can have a beautiful and healthy smile, despite dealing with the challenges of dental phobia. Contact Rivers + West Family Dentistry, and let us help you achieve your best oral health. Call today, tell us about your concerns and schedule your appointment. You will see that a caring, compassionate dental team can make all the difference in the world.