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General Dentistry Mt. Pleasant  , SC

At Rivers + West Family Dentistry, our dentists provide complete dental care the entire family. We offer a wide range of procedures, ranging from comprehensive oral exams and oral cancer screenings to full mouth reconstruction and all procedures in between. Achieving and maintaining a healthy oral environment is about more than having a great-looking smile. Good oral health is also important to your general health and well-being. We provide quality dental care that ensures your oral health will be maintained in good condition.

Dental crowns, dental implants and dental bonding are just a few of the general dentistry services we offer. If you have any questions regarding a procedure, we are happy to give you answers. At Rivers + West Family Dentistry, dental procedures are recommended on an as-needed basis. We believe in prevention and conservative dental treatments. You will never be asked to undergo a procedure that is unnecessary for maintaining your best oral health. Below are links to the dental services we provide.

We provide general dental services with your comfort and oral health as top priorities. Compassion and care are hallmarks of service at Rivers + West Family Dentistry. We make it pleasant for you to follow through with treatments and help you commit to your best oral health. A healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. Our emphasis on prevention and our excellent restorative care make it easy for you to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Maintaining good oral hygiene lowers your risk of several major health concerns, including heart disease, hypertension, pregnancy issues, diabetes and more. Join Rive, and keep the smiles in your household at their very best.