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Halitosis Treatment Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Over 50 million people across the nation suffer from halitosis. Many of them are unaware of this offensive problem until someone speaks up. Halitosis can be embarrassing. It is also very treatable once the cause of the problem is identified.

To begin with, proper oral hygiene is necessary to eliminate minor halitosis. Adequate brushing and flossing should remove the bacteria responsible for mouth odor. In addition to brushing your teeth, brushing the back of your tongue is important. This is where proteins that are broken down in your mouth can cause problems. Bacteria interact with the proteins and break them down, resulting in foul-smelling byproducts.

Other causes of halitosis include decaying teeth and advanced gum disease. These issues can be treated by your dentist. In many instances, one trip to the dentist can resolve the problem. Special toothpaste or mouthwash may be recommended if you have gum disease.

Sometimes halitosis is not caused by oral problems. Gastric problems can also cause bad breath. If your dentist is unable to identify an oral issue causing the problem, you may be advised to visit your primary care physician for further examination.

Treatment for Bad Breath

When your dentist identifies your halitosis as an oral issue, the way in which it is addressed will be determined by the cause. Your dentist will create a treatment plan to eliminate the source of the problem. If it is caused by decaying teeth, a plan will be implemented to clean out the decay and fill the cavities. Some decayed teeth may be infected and need root canal therapy. If a tooth is too infected to save, an extraction will be necessary. After the decay has been eliminated, your breath should return to normal.

Periodontal disease can also cause halitosis. Treating badly infected gums may include placing antibiotics in the gums to control and eliminate the infection. The teeth will need to be thoroughly cleaned, and all plaque and tartar taken off. If necessary, some gum tissue may need to be removed. Monitoring of the healing process is required in the event of extensive periodontal disease.

Halitosis is a common and embarrassing problem which responds well to appropriate treatment. If you suspect you have this problem, contact Rivers + West Family Dentistry. Let us identify the source and remedy the problem for you. Your breath will be fresh and clean again.