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Composite Fillings Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Dentists have been using tooth colored composite in anterior fillings for decades. Only within recent years have researchers made significant advancements in composite material so they can be used in molars. These cosmetic dental improvements in materials make it possible for them to withstand the pressure and wear of being placed in back teeth. Now silver amalgam fillings can finally be a thing of the past.

This is good news for people who have issues with metal allergies or just do not like the look of silver fillings in their posterior teeth. Molars endure tons of pressure whenever you eat. Until recently, composite fillings were not durable enough or sturdy enough to be used in back teeth. Silver amalgam fillings are sturdy and durable, lasting for years and even decades.

Unfortunately, healthy tooth structure must be removed in order to place silver fillings. People have concerns about the mercury in the amalgam used, and some people are allergic to metals. Now the longstanding standard of amalgam fillings is being broken by strong, long-lasting composite resins.

What is a Composite Resin?

A combination of plastic and glass or ceramic make up the resin. There are several different varieties of composite resin used in cosmetic dentistry. Many of these require a special blue light to help in the curing or hardening process. The light activates a reaction in the resin which hardens it. These fillings are put down in layers so that each layer is tough and bonded to the tooth structure.

Composite resin bonds with the tooth structure so no healthy structure needs to be removed to place the filling. They also match your natural tooth color and when smoothed and polished, they look and feel just like your natural tooth. It is difficult to tell when a cavity has been filled with composite resin.

When you have cavities that need to be filled or if you are interested in replacing your silver fillings with natural-looking resins, make an appointment with Rivers + West Family Dentistry. We would love to show you how your smile can be enhanced with composite resins.