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Five Good Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth Mt. Pleasant  , SC
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Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that can cause a natural tooth to fall out or need extraction. Whether you suffered a bad fall or allowed a tooth to become severely decayed, it is never ideal to lose a tooth you were born with. However, you should know that a missing tooth is more than an aesthetic concern within your smile. If not replaced, a single missing tooth (regardless of where it is in your mouth) can cause a number of setbacks that impact your appearance, oral health and more.

Here are just a few significant consequences that can occur when a permanent tooth was unintentionally lost but not replaced with a dental implant or bridge:

#1 Low Self-Confidence: Unless you are a school-aged child who is awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy, a missing tooth is not something you are proud to show off. In fact, it can be a serious threat to your self-esteem, especially when it occurs in the front of your mouth.

#2 Speech Issues: We need all of our teeth to speak. When there’s a gap in your smile, it can affect the way you pronounce certain words and sounds.

#3 Eating Restrictions: Chewing food is the primary job of your teeth. Missing teeth can mean eating challenges that cause you to avoid the fibrous or protein-rich foods your body needs for optimal health.

#4 Dental Health Issues: It doesn’t take long for your neighboring teeth to shift towards the open space after you’ve lost a tooth. This can disrupt the alignment of your smile and lead to crooked teeth that are hard to keep clean. Many patients find that decay and gum disease become an issue after missing teeth.

#5 Premature Facial Aging: Your jawbone needs consistent and adequate stimulation to retain its density and form. This is accomplished from your tooth roots as you bite down and chew. If teeth are missing, the jawbone can lose its shape, which leads to a collapsed or hallowed appearance in your lower face.

Find a Dental Implants Dentist in Mt. Pleasant

Want to avoid the setbacks of missing teeth? Dental implants are the gold standard solution. In fact, they are the only restorative treatment that can address the bone loss that occurs after missing teeth. At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer beautiful dental implants that look, feel and function like real teeth. Call today to learn more!

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