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Is a Dental Bridge Right for You? Mt. Pleasant  , SC
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There’s really no good reason to live with a gapped smile. Not only can missing teeth ruin the beauty of your smile, they can also cause shifting teeth, bone loss in your jaw as well as compromised chewing and speech. With so many important reasons to replace your missing teeth, you’ll appreciate how a modern restorative dentist can help. While there is a full menu of teeth replacement options to choose from, dental bridges are specifically designed to fill in a gap of missing teeth when there is also healthy surrounding teeth. It may also be ideal for patients who are unable or unwilling to get a single dental implant.

When it comes to fabricating your dental bridge, your dentist will take meticulous measurements using the most advanced dental imaging in the industry. This allows patients to achieve a comfortable fit and natural appearance. When choosing Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry for your dental bridge, you can trust that it will be made out of top quality, durable materials and tailored in shape, color and form to match your surrounding teeth.

How to Dental Bridges Work?

Bridges work by using artificial teeth that are bonded on either side to existing crowned teeth or dental implants. Our dentists will take the time to explain your options for fixed dental bridges as well as inform you about the procedure itself. We are passionate about creating a comfortable and rewarding experience for each patient. Investing in a dental bridge can make a dramatic difference in how others view you as well as how you feel about yourself.

Would teeth replacement allow you to smile more confidently and get more enjoyment out of life? To determine if you qualify for a cosmetic dental bridge, please schedule a consult at our Mount Pleasant office. If a dental bridge is not suitable, we also offer dental implants, dentures and partials for your convenience. Let us give you the beautiful smile you deserve!

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