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Know When Your Dentures Need Professional Care Mt. Pleasant  , SC

Modern dentures can look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. And just like real teeth, they will need professional attention and care from time to time. Not only will your dentures benefit from a professional cleaning to keep them bright or periodic reline to help them retain their fit, but they may also need emergency repair.

Cracked Denture Repair

Dentures are not invincible. Just natural teeth, your prosthetic teeth can become damaged. If you notice visible damage to your dentures, such as a crack or chip, or experience a change in the way your dentures fit, we want to see you promptly. When your dentures are involved, you can trust our Mt. Pleasant dental clinic for prompt repair. Whether your partial denture has a hairline crack or your full denture set is broken in two, we are equipped to address your simple or complex denture damage in a timely manner.

When it comes to your smile, don’t ignore an issue that is threatening your comfort, confidence or function. It is also important that you never attempt to repair your dentures yourself, as this could cause additional damage and result in more costly repairs.

At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we take pride in keeping your smile strong and beautiful – whether you have all of your natural teeth or a full arch of prosthetic teeth. When it comes to your dentures, we can provide the complete realm of care you need, from custom fabrication and denture adjustments to denture repairs or denture replacement. We don’t want you to hide behind dentures that are damaged or not fitting well. You deserve a confident and comfortable smile after missing teeth.

To learn more about how our restorative dentistry options and denture care services, call our Mt. Pleasant dental office today.

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