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The Value of Emergency Dentistry Mt. Pleasant  , SC
A concerned woman with dental issue at a dentistry.

Dental discomfort happens. In fact, tooth pain or trauma can occur in even the healthiest mouths. When unexpected problems arise, however, it is important to take action quickly and go to the right place. Does your dentist offer emergency dentistry? At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we care about your oral health and comfort – we can often see you the same day when you need emergency care for your smile.

While many urgent medical issues require a trip to the emergency room at the hospital, dental issues are best handled by a dentist. The ER is equipped to handle broken bones and critical health conditions, but not necessarily oral problems. A hospital can stop the bleeding and give you medication for temporary pain relief. However, only a trained dental professional can address the root cause of your tooth pain and ensure your smile won’t have problems later on. Finally, an emergency dentist is equipped with the knowledge and tools it takes to also restore the appearance of your smile after an oral accident or trauma.

The Importance of Seeing a Dentist Sooner Rather Than Later

Any dental pain is a good reason to call our Mt. Pleasant office. Pain is a sign something is wrong, even if you cannot see any damage or issues. A small crack in the tooth hidden from view could be causing the pain and putting your tooth at risk of infection or further damage. Sensitivity to cold or hot substances can also be a sign of decay or damage to a tooth. Even if you can live with the pain, you should not put off getting your tooth examined. A small repair now could prevent larger, more expensive dental problems in the future.

Do you or a member of your family need an emergency dentist today? Call Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry. We understand the importance of relieving your dental pain now as well as restoring the health and appearance of your smile going forward.

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