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The Value of Special Needs Dentistry Mt. Pleasant  , SC
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Regardless of your age, gender or race – you need professional dental care. Not only does everyone need dental visits, but they also deserve to have a comfortable and safe experience. For some individuals, dental care can be challenging. At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we recognize the value of providing special needs dentistry. In doing so, we work hard to remove the obstacles that makes dental care uncomfortable or difficult for certain patients.

Do You Qualify for Special Needs Dentistry?

Don’t assume that you need a doctor’s note or referral to benefit from special needs dentistry. Getting special needs care simply means that you need extra help to relax in the dental chair. For some, this may involve sedation dentistry to calm your nerves or lessen sensory triggers. We proudly provide this top level of care to the following types of special needs patients:

Dental Phobia

If you or a family member suffers from dental phobia or anxiety, it can be difficult to get the oral care needed. We understand this fear and want to make dental visits comfortable for our patients with dental phobia. Our treatment rooms are comfortable with many distractions to help our patients relax, like flat screen TVs, Netflix, music and more. We also offer sedation dentistry to provide additional relaxation for dental anxiety.

Patients with Disabilities

Those with disabilities may need special care for their dental appointments. Our team is sensitive to the needs of all our patients, providing a safe, calm environment for those with developmental or physical disabilities to receive their dental treatments.

Severe Gag Reflex

If you have a severe gag reflex, it can be unnerving to receive dental care. Our Mt. Pleasant dental team can help find solutions to help you relax during your dental care procedures. We offer sedation and other options to help combat a severe gag reflex so you can safely receive the dental care you need.

At Rivers + Tanner Family Dentistry, we treat every patient as part of our family, providing them with the specialized care they need. Let us know if you or any of your family members need special accommodations to help improve their experience while receiving dental treatments at our office.

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